Range Building

  • Prospect Styles and adding new slot
  • PDEV010 Style Maintenance Wizard: develop new screen to support styles contructions and all maintenance
  • RBLD006: amend screen layout and functional to support style revision changed
  • RBLD023 Slot Manintenance: amend to support styele revision and update slot description
  • Fix issues that relevants to Rang Plan Creation, Color Board, Plan Group setup

Product Library

  • Style Revision change
  • PPDEV001 Product Library: fixed various filtering issues
  • PDEV007 Style Details: amend screen layout and details
  • PDEV012 Cutting Pattern Style information: new screen development
  • PDEV019 Style Basic revison infor: amend screen layout and maintenace data
  • PDEV014 Style Notes: amend screen layout and styel notes maintenace New screen to show system history log


  • General Tab: additinal fields to able maintenace of Business Chanel, Shipping Term, Trad Currency, Customer Required and Transaction allow
  • add new Agent Tab
  • Auditing Tab to allow flag Audit type that required
  • Finacial Tabl to maintenace Accounting adn Tax information and Customer Outlet Type