Corporate Responsibility

Confirmed Date field added
Owner Code re-mapped

Additional validation against Audit Required flag

Assign Colour coding for Audit Calendar

Master Data

Upgrade Notes facilities to latest version on customer records

Auto amend ‘Sales Forecast Required’ when manufacturing suspended

Allow multiple booking group in different periods

Event Calendar

NEW screen display for Events Calendar

Ship dates, Audit Dates and MTS customer visits available

Facility for users to default their preferred calendar

Factory Plan Stock

Amend copy function.

Allow change of image.

Add Product Line at header.

Facility to create new blank slot.

facility to assign into existing blank slot.

Tooling – Kits

Add link to asscoiated Mould records

Additional filters added


DTR licenses moved into the license contract system

DTR licenses inherit all internal contract features

Enhancements to background process for exclusive contracts

Improved data validation for the License copy process

New Manufacturing Agreement management console added

Customer delivery date re-mapped for update of CSO

Additional facilities for managing customer visits

Reporting Centre

Data filtering enhanced

Range Plan Set filters upgraded to include ALL setup fields

Customised Range Plan Sets added

New Reports added & data filters enhanced

Actual Sales by product Category Report

Actual Sales Matrix Report by month

Slot history

Link to slot history direct from Style search hotkey

Added Style Development Status

Links to Slot History of original Style


Enhance filters for Stages dashboard display

Enhance filters for Stages dashboard display

Links to appropriate shipping screens

Enhancements extended to PO remake process

Style Maintenance

Base updates extended to ALL style variants

Revision Notes cleared when displaying new screen

Text labels for designer fields updated

Sales Forecasting

Added data Extract for  Sales Forecast Confirmed Data

Further reports added

report selection screen enhanced

Stock Item filter added

Screen enhanced to display full customer name

Added display of real time company totals