Create & Maintain Assortments

Explode Assortments to Component level

Brand Matrix

Link brand character to consumer groups

Brand Matrix Display & Report

Brand Code (2 Chr)added to Brands listing

Brand code (2Chr) added to data filters

Order Bulk Printing

By-pass business rules for overseas users

Update data against PO in line with new business rules

CAD Management

Open slot review direct from CAD link

Corporate Responsibility

Add facility to record Non compliances at summary level

Add facility to complete non compliances in bulk

Upgrade Notes facilities to latest version

Upgrade Notes to allow images to be embedded

Audit Report upgraded to map with enhanced notes and images


Amend cost elements screen to show details specific to the selected style code

Add validation to check latest exchange rates when PO status is updated

Facility to add standard costs against styles created outside of the standard MTO process

Split costs are now displayed on the PO authorization screen

Customer Enquiries

Hide ship date column for MTS customers

Event Calendar

Ship dates added

Factory Prices

Resolve issue where system was not copying FOB price to next size when adding additional price record

Fast Track Despatch

Re-map customer name display to customer trading term name

Free Stock Reviews

Add Licensor Group data filter

IPA Adjustments

Facility added to allow invoices to be reported against a different sales division

Facility added to allow invoices to be reported against a different sales agent


Enhance business rules for handling DTR records

Default exclusivity to Single and disable editing for DTR

User Notes

User notes added to the notification system

Order Confirmation Report

Add total values for VAT

Remove ship dates from MTS customers

Packing Templates

Disable screen refresh after update, cursor remains on the same page after an update

Price Negotiations

Add drill down to view FOB prices at size levelSales Forecast Confirmed Data

Notes area enhanced to show latest note and colour code command button

Product Development Management

Update Production Source Routing on all styles associated with a specific base at point of tooling

Range Planning

New facilities added to auto generate range plans from sales forecast/span>

New facilities added to auto generate range plans from customer records

Range plan profile setup facilities added to customer records

Planning groups auto generated based on the customer profile and sales forecast data

Reporting Centre

Sales Variance Analysis Report Suite

Sales & Margin Performance Report Suite

IPA Details – Product Category & Trade Season added

FO Extract Product Category added

Order Book Report – unit of measure selection added to filters

Purchase Order Status – Licensor Group filter added

Order Book report – business channel filter added

Order Book Report – Customer Specific Report Suite

Sampling Report – Days delay added

CDTS Report – License status colour coded

CDTS Report – Report sequence amended to ship date descending

Factory Volumes – Controlling Office added

Sales Forecast Data extracts – Confirmed v Original added

New Styles Created – Controlling Office filter added

Analysis of Cancelled Orders

Free Stock Report – Licensor Group added to filters

Sampling Report – Latest estimated date added

Stock Returns

Default the return to stock value

Sales Agents

Validate sales agent against the latest sales forecast before allowing record to be deleted

Sales Forecast

Facility to link a manual forecast customer to a valid customer record in master data

Add facility to auto create range plans at point of confirmation

Validate style descriptions against invoicing records and disallow amends if exist

Add process to Unconfirm sales forecast

Amend the rounding calculations on the style management screens

Sales Orders

Issue resolved where user was receiving errors if trying to add and delete lines in the same process session


Upgrade of the sampling system to consignment level

Facilities to allow received samples to be moved across cartons

Facilities to allow received samples to be excluded from the receipt process

Samples not received are auto added back onto the original sample order

Facilities for samples to be rejected on receipt at the overseas offices

Facilities for samples to be rejected after receipt in UK

Facilities for remale samples to be ordered

Extras section enhanced to allow batch updates and edits


Amend to show voyage list in alphabetic sequence

Slot Review

Add controlling Office filter

Facility to maintain slot description.


Stage template added to stage details screen

System stages updated to allow planning setup

Background logic for auto stage updates amended to maintain action events on a ‘Planning’ stage

Action Evnets management screen upgraded to allow visibility of action events

Style Create

Style copy facilities enhanced to auto update the planning group data where values do not exist

Data validation added to check that any values being auto added exist in the appropriate product profile

Display of colour table upgraded to show in Hex sequence

Pantone fields re-mapped to allow direct entry of pantone codes to auto generate tone values

Style Enquiry

Currency added into the drill down to PO listing

Style search

Facility to download a copy of PNG thumbnail file

Facility to download a copy of the PSD file where computer setup for design scripts

Supplier Enquiry

Hot key added to allow visibility of supplier records at a summary level and including drill downs to key data