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The Time Has Come for a New Type of Database

Exploring the emergence of the Time-Series Database Long a mainstay of data management, numerous advances over the past decade have pushed database

Logo Design Inspirations

Ways To Get Inspiration For Logo Design By definition, “Logos are symbols made up of text and images that help us identify brands.” By extension,

What is software house?

What is Software house? Software house is very specialized type of management skill, where experienced persons can turn the organizational problem

Software Development in 2019

the top software development trends in 2018 that will carry themselves and dominate in 2019. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Businesses implement AI

Web Design Trends 2019 #2

In the year 2018 the flat design have success in website that is the way to use interact, socialize and do business with web, so user demand will

Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019: Modern Web Design Trends of web design come and go like the seasons and coincidentally, many trends are cyclical by nature.


HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRAVEL BACKPACK The right travel backpack is an important part in planning your trip…. How do you pick the best

Footwear Designer

What does a Footwear Designer do? A footwear designer is responsible for charting fashion trends and developing shoes that keep up with the latest

Footwear Industry

What Is the Footwear Industry?   The footwear industry create shoe designs and sell them to customers. Facets of the industry include shoe

Different Types of Running Events

What are the Different Types of Running Events? The most common types of running events are, of course, races. There are many different kinds of

What are the Different Types of Running Sneakers?

The Different Types of Running Sneakers? Running sneakers may be the most important purchase for runners of all levels of experience. There are

web design project

web design project A web design project’s scope can quickly narrow down the number of resources available, making it tough to find the right