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Fishermen Sandals Get Reimagined

Fishermen Sandals Get Reimagined

Photo : Vogue Magazine

Fisherman sandals are a style of casual footwear which can be worn by men and women. They are also a very ancient form of footwear, with illustrations and writings suggesting that variations on this style of sandals have been worn in numerous cultures for century. The connection to fish and fishing is unclear, but it may be related to the open design, which would allow water to drain away from the foot, rather than pooling in the shoe. The design probably would also have been comfortable to wear around the house after a long fishing trip.


Fisherman sandals will again be a staple for men this summer — but the latest iterations don’t quite look like the versions of beach vacations past. At Prada’s spring/summer 2018 show, bold red shoes were shown with graphic patterned socks, while Lemaire’s streamlined suede styles nodded to the norm core aesthetics of Kraftwerk. For a total overhaul of the classic shoe, though, Kenzo went one step further and did away with leather altogether, recasting its chunky sandal in delightfully glossy rubber. Here, eight updated versions of the summer classic.

Photo : OshKosh B’gosh

Photo : Dillard’s

Photo : Tyler C

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