In the year 2018 the flat design have success in website that is the way to use interact, socialize and do business with web, so user demand will better quality stuff in 2019

Website TRENDS in 2019; list below

1. The Rise Of CSS3 Animations

Animations are being to enhance a site’s experience and make it more interactive with users.(Animation include background, motion graphics ,scrolling effects etc.). CSS animation has feature to gain attraction by the users.

2. Parallax

Parallax helps website to users attention,Parallax can create sphere around products. It provide a dynamic users experience on the page and attractive users to stay longer on the web.

3. Typography

Typography is art of arranging the text, but playing with fonts would be risked if you fail to choose

  • The perfect fonts
  • Size of the fonts
  • Vertical space between each line you type, proper spacing between each character
  • The width of the text block if you want optimum reading experience.
  • Deciding the hierarchy of the fonts

4. Material

Material  is visual language, the basic design framework that users will love it. It provide amazing to the user and have flat and light to interact with users.

5. Video Headers

Video header is a great impact with good readability to users. It has benefits to loading problems , If you don’t want to show the distract message to visitor.

6. Card Layouts

Card layouts is the small part in websites , there have information viz. title, an image, certain icons etc. and contain a short note product information. Card layouts can help users communicate the stories faster.

7. Hero Images

Big image is a great visual impact on website nowadays, because the image get divided into screen when users scrolling website, will see amazing images.

8.Responsive Design

Trends of website in 2018 having responsive design and still being trends in this year. Good website must be having flexibility all screen resolution  and all device

9. The Hamburger Menu

Hamburger Menu is lines which are used as a button on the website.It is usually displayed on the top left or right. if users pair the icon with the word “MENU” it will help to increase the interactions.

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